Kneeling Spinsters

Every Christmas Eve

We drive to the Catholic Church

And we light a candle for your dead sister,

Whose hair was the colour of the straw

Of the nativity,

Whose soul was as bright as the neon lights

That reflect in the cold puddles

Along the wet high street.

And none of us believe,

And none of us pray to their God,

We are aliens

We are intruders here

But we are welcomed nonetheless,

Welcomed in silence by the kneeling spinsters

Who tug at dowdy sheets of linen,

Who set out candles on the wooden altar,

Who have enough belief for us all

Thank the Lord for the kneeling spinsters.

7 thoughts on “Kneeling Spinsters

  1. Powerful words, I must say. Love it! Thank you so much for following my blog. As an aspiring writer, I am hoping to finally have more time to write. I graduate from SNHU in May of 2018. Here’s hoping that you will find something good from my blog as I am sure I will from yours.

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