Drowned like puppies

I’ve seen my share of sad men

Down and outs by the bus station

Sharing cigarette butts and sherry,

Clean shaven men in traffic jams

Twisting the dials of their radios

Searching in the static for

Something better, something other.

I have seen men fall from grace

Like meteors they plunged

Into greasy oceans

Tangled in seaweed

They drowned like puppies.

Yes, I have seen my share of sad men,

Men who loved and lied

Men who lived and died

By their swords.

And some went screaming

To their ends and some whimpered

Like cornered foxes

Like scratching cats in cardboard boxes

They fought against their fate

But in the end they knew their worth,

In the end they breathed in deep

And felt the welcome earth

Consume them as it does all men.